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Welcome to the largest
Abounding River Game

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We grow daily,
Ask and be asked
by our users.
There are a
lot of them.

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Welcome to the largest
Abounding River Game

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The History Of One Of The Most Influential Electronic Devices In History

The history of the MP3 player can be traced back to the late 1970s. It is an audio player that replaced older media such as CDs and cassettes. The device was developed by a South Korean company called Saehan Information Systems. Its prototype, called the “”MPMan””, was released in 1997. The device could store six to twelve songs. Later, Apple released the iPod.

Moog synthesizer

The Moog synthesizer is considered one of the most influential electronic devices in history. It was introduced in the 1960s and became a staple of progressive rock. Many musicians quickly realized its power and began experimenting with it. The Monkees became one of the first pop groups to use the instrument. They used the instrument on their 1967 album Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd., featuring Mickey Dolenz playing the Moog.

The Moog synthesizer consists of several separate modules that are connected through patch cords. The modules include voltage-controlled oscillators, envelope generators, noise generators, and filter circuits. The instruments also have a control voltage input and a 12-button “”keyboard””.

In 1964, Bob Moog created a modular instrument. This allowed musicians to customize the instrument by adding additional modules. Each module had a specific function and many of them were interchangeable. Moog incorporated requests from musicians and synthesizer enthusiasts into the design of his instrument. Ultimately, the Moog synthesizer has become one of the most influential electronic devices in history.

The original Moog synthesizer had a large footprint, and a limited number of musicians used it in live performances. As a result, Moog began developing a smaller version almost immediately. Moog introduced the Minimoog in the 1970s. Later, Moog sold the company to help pay off his debts. However, he continued to serve as a technical consultant for Moog Music, Inc., which went on to produce the Micromoog and Polymoog synthesizers.

RCA Mark II synthesizer

For years, the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (CPC) was the gathering place for synthesizer enthusiasts. RCA Mark IIs were at the heart of this scene, inspiring the composers who frequented the school. These instruments were the spiritual predecessors of computer-based music systems like Max Mathews’ Csound. Today, you can see one of these synthesizers at the Computer Music Center in New York City.

RCA was one of the leading manufacturers of consumer and military electronics during the 1950s. It also performed cutting-edge research on musical instruments. Its leading acoustics expert, Harry F. Olson, became interested in electronic music in the 1940s. He began working with Herbert Belar to create the Mark I synthesizer, a massive electronic music synthesizer that could produce music.

The Mark II synthesizer was initially a four-voice polyphonic instrument with additional modulation capabilities. This combination of features attracted the attention of many contemporary classical composers. Its capabilities matched the serialism movement that was sweeping the world at the time. Composers such as Milton Babbitt and Charles Wuorinen used the Mark II extensively. Babbitt’s piece, “”Time’s Encomium””, was composed using this synthesizer.

The RCA Mark II synthesizer was a pioneer in musical synthesizers. Unlike today’s computer-based instruments, the Mark II synthesizer was manually operated. It was developed in response to a growing demand for musical instruments. The RCA Mark II synthesizer helped make music more accessible.

RCA Model 200B audio oscillator

The RCA Model 200B audio oscillator, released in 1939, is a very important piece of history for audio enthusiasts. The device was developed to produce alternating currents within the audio spectrum. Its first version covered only 10 Hz to 20 kHz, but later variations were designed to accommodate higher frequencies and lower distortion.

The audio oscillator was invented as a student project at Stanford University by Bill Hewlett in 1938. It was used by military and government agencies, including the Navy. The technology was later improved and made available to the public. The 200B has a history of being a revolutionary piece of equipment, and is considered one of the most important electronic devices in history.

This invention changed the world of audio and music. Audio-frequency oscillators were previously expensive and complicated. They also tended to suffer from distortion and negative feedback. Several years later, Terman and RCA engineers began to experiment with a spot-frequency oscillator, which was cheaper and more stable. However, it was prone to negative feedback, which limited its usefulness.

Quick Look into Vape Juice Brands

A book has no value if they all are empty pages. The same holds true for Vaping device; the value depends on what’s inside. What’s inside mean E-Liquid which is the lifeline of vaping. There are many brands in e-juice which are in ready mix, you can buy as per your preference in nicotine strength & flavor. In this post, we will list out few of the major quality brand in ELiquid which can be used as ready reference for vapors.


ELiquid Depot

Pod selling at ELiquid Depot from Smok, Vaporesso, Uwell & Voopoo are designed to deliver long lasting, satisfying vapes over extended periods of time. And ELiquid Depot e-liquids complement these powerful mod kit perfectly.


With over 35 e-liquid flavors available, you’re likely to find something that will suit your palate at Pink Spot. Some of the top sellers are fresh minty chill, Honeydew with tropical fruits, Fruity gummy candy, Strawberry shortcake ice cream, Minty Menthol Chill, Creamy dark roast cafe latte, A sweet rainbow frozen sherbet, Sweet pink lemonade, Vanilla almond milkshake, Caramel dipped apple & pear and Creamy stuffed cannoli. With so many flavors to choose from, you probably won’t go through all of them even if you purchase refills every month. But because ELiquid Depot wants you to try as many flavors as possible, it keeps giving away a free sampler bottle of random e-liquid with every order.


The flavor of the month Heisenberg is a popular flavor that bursts with a “reckless throat hit” and aroma resembling the Fruity blue raspberry candy.


Vape juice from ELiquid Depot comes in two bottle sizes – 100ml and 120ml. Prices range from $11.99 onwards and all juices come in the strengths of 3mg or 6mg.


Air factory


I found the throat kick of Air Factory Mint e-liquids to be lackluster. If you are used to getting your fix from 3mg strength, I would recommend going up one level when ordering from Air factory.


Air factory e-liquids priced at $11.99 for 60ml size. E-juices are available in strength of 3mg and 6mg.


Naked 100

Naked 100 store is packed with options for the vaping enthusiast. They boast a wide selection of classic flavors as well as a few interesting recipes as well. The best thing about Naked 100 is that it gives you a simple choice in 6 flavors which do not confuse you.



Vapetasia’s Vapes is popular in the vaping community. Offering a wide selection, many of which appear to be quite unique, Vapetasia Vapes gives users the option to order in standard size of 100 ml with uniform pricing of all flavors.


Vapetasia is favorite among vapors, they may not have long list of flavors available in strengths but 3mg and 6mg strength serves the purpose of most. If you do not find your perfect cocktail, try requesting a custom blend of up to three flavors with varying VG/PG mixtures plus the option to sweeten.


Vapetasia an impeccable and long reputation for having the best tobacco e-liquids. While they may not carry as many flavors as some of the newer companies can, Vapetasia Vapors continues to be the go-to brand for traditional tobacco vapes.

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